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Alias Grace (2017) Halfire Productions, Limited Series (Nominated for 11 2018 Canadian Screen Awards including: “Best Original Music”)

Names on the Cup (2017) Fadoo Productions, Documentary Feature (Nominated for Best Sports Program or Series, 2018 Canadian Screen Awards)

Hip-Hop Evolution (2016) Banger Films, TV Series (Winner, 2018 International Emmy Award: Best Documentary Series)

Cedar Cove (2015-2016) Unity Pictures, TV Series

Between (2015) Netflix Original Series

Rock Icons (2015) Banger Films, Documentary Series

Call Me Fitz (2010-2013) Amaze Film & TV/eOne Entertainment (Winner of 23 International Awards)

Metal Evolution (2011) Banger Productions/VH1 TV Series

Haven II (2011) E1 Entertainment, TV Series

Pure Pwnage (2010) TV for Noobs Productions, TV Series

Rabbit Fall (2008) Angel Entertainment, TV Series

Soul (2008) Halifax Films, TV Series

The Musical Brain (2008) Matter of Fact Media Inc, Documentary (Best Scientific Documentary, Chicago Intl. Film Festival)

Celine: A True Story (2007) Barna-Alper Productions, Musical Biopic

‘da Kink In My Hair I (2007) Barna- Alper Productions, TV Series

Canadian Idol 4 (2006) Insight Productions, Reality TV

Skyland (2005) 9Story/Method Films, Animated TV Series (Gemini Award: Best Original Music in an Animated Series)

Kim Cattrall: Sexual Intelligence (2005) Fertile Ground Productions, Documentary (Gemini Award Nomination ‘Best Original Music’)

G-Spot I & II & III (2005 – 2008) Barna-Alper/Serendipity Point Films, TV Series

Big Big World (2005) Animated TV Series

What It’s Like Being Alone (2005) Brad Peyton, TV Series

If the World Were a Village (2004) 9Story Entertainment, Animated Special (UNESCO Education Module)

Whiskey Echo (2005) (mini) Barna-Alper Productions, TV Series

Darcy’s Wild Life (2004) Temple Street Productions, TV Series

Care Bears: Journey to Joke-a-Lot (2004) Nelvana

Radio Revolution: The Rise and Fall of the Big 8 (2004) Markham Street Films, Documentary (Gemini Award: Best History Doc.) 

Jacob Two-Two (2003) Nelvana, Animated TV Series

Back to School with Franklin (2003) Nelvana, Animated Special

Miss Spider’s Sunny Patch Kids (2003) (TV) Nelvana, Animated Special

The Berenstain Bears (2003) Nelvana, Animated TV Series

Clone High (2002) Nelvana, Animated TV Series

Max and Ruby (2002) Nelvana, Animated TV Series

Cyberchase (2002) Nelvana, Animated TV Series

Drop the Beat (2001) TV Series

The Santa Claus Brothers (2001) Nelvana, Animated Special

Totally Spies! (2001) Animated TV Series

The Little Bear Movie (2001) Nelvana, Animated Special

Quads! (2001) Nelvana, Animated TV Series

Mercy Peak (2001) South Pacific Picture, TV Series

Franklin’s Magic Christmas (2001) Nelvana, Animated Special

Queer as Folk (2000) Temple Street Productions, TV Series

Foreign Objects (2000-2001) Mini-Series

The Hoop Life (2000) TV Series

Power Play (1998-2000) TV Series

Pelswick (2000) Nelvana, Animated TV Series

Elliot Moose (2000) Nelvana, Animated TV Series

Timothy Goes to School (2000) Nelvana, Animated TV Series

Seven Little Monsters (2000) Nelvana, Animated TV Series

Maggie and the Ferocious Beast (2000) Nelvana, Animated TV Series

Rescue Heroes (1999) Nelvana, Animated TV Series

Bob and Margaret (1998) Nelvana, Animated TV Series


Meat the Future (2019) LizMars Productions, Documentary Feature

Patient Zero (2019) Fadoo Productions, Documentary Feature

The Go Go’s (2018) Fadoo Productions, Documentary Feature

Mouthpiece (2018) Patricia Rozema / First Generation Films, Feature

Midian Farm (2018) LizMars Productions, Documentary Feature

Phantom of Winnipeg (2018) Malcolm Ingram, Documentary Feature

Southern Pride (2018) Malcolm Ingram, Documentary Feature

Business Ethics (2017) Innis Lake Entertainment, Feature Film

Paper Year (2017) First Generation Films, Feature Film

Heart, Baby! (2017) Angela Shelton, Feature Film

The Bad Mother (2016) Pollinator Films, Feature Film

Being Canadian (2015) Grainey Pictures, Documentary Feature

Out To Win (2015) Malcom Ingram, Documentary Feature

Bang Bang Baby (2014) Jeffrey St. Jules, Feature (TIFF: Best Canadian First Feature Film, Claude Jutra Award)

Super Duper Alice Cooper (2014) Banger Films, Documentary Feature

The Ghosts in Our Machine (2013) Liz Marshall, Documentary Feature

15 Reasons To Live (2013) Alan Zweig, Documentary Feature

Path Of Souls (2012) Jeremy Torrie, Feature

The Lesser Blessed (2012) Anita Doron, Feature

 Keyhole (2011) Guy Maddin, Feature

 The Samaritan (2011) Directed by David Weaver (Starring Samuel L. Jackson)

FUBAR 2 (2010) Busted Tranny Productions Inc., Feature (Official TIFF Selection)

Casino Jack (2010) Bagman Productions Inc., Feature (starring Kevin Spacey / Hayden Christensen) (Golden Globe Nominated)

The Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould (2009) Whitepine Productions, Doc Feature (Official TIFF Selection)

Splice (2009) Copperheart Entertainment/Guillermo del Toro, Feature (starring Adrien Brody/Sarah Polley) (Genie Award-Winning)

Cry of the Owl (2009) Sienna Films, Feature (starring Paddy Considine/Julia Stiles)

Acquainted With the Night (2008) Markham Street Films, Documentary (Gemini Award-Winning)

Teenager Hamlet 2006 (2008) January Films, Feature

Victoria Day (2009) Markham Street Films, Feature (Official Sundance Selection, nominated for Grand Jury Prize)

Real Time (2008) Serendipity/January Films, Feature (Genie Nomination: Best Original Screenplay) (starring Randy Quaid/Jay Baruchel)

Shake Hands With the Devil (2007) Halifax Films/Barna-Alper Productions, Feature, (Genie Award: Best Original Song) (starring Roy Dupuis)

The Bodybuilder and I (2007) January Films, Documentary (Best Feature Documentary: Hot Docs)

The Tracey Fragments (2007) Alcina Pictures/Corvid Films, Feature (Grand Jury Prize Award: Berlin Film Festival) (starring Ellen Page)

How She Move (2007) Sienna Films/Paramount Vantage/MTV Films, Feature (Grand Jury Prize Nomination: Sundance)

Decoys: The Second Seduction (2007) Alien Girl Productions, Feature

Man of the Year (2006) Morgan Creek, Feature (starring Robin Williams)

Sabah (2005) TL Boulton Productions, Feature

I, Claudia (2004) Sienna Films, Feature (Gemini Award: Best Actress)

Siblings (2004) David Weaver, Feature