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Internationally Recognized Music Supervision

RADAR is an internationally recognized leader in their field. Their experience in music supervision services spans 20 years and more than 100 film and TV projects.

Many of RADAR’s productions have won top awards, their work having been seen on television and the big screen in more than 80 countries. Highly respected by the industry and their peers, RADAR has a proven track record and solid a reputation.

The RADAR team have their ears to the ground and are often the first to hear music before it is even released, giving our clients the advantage of having a distinct and excellent soundtrack. Over the years, we’ve established strong relationships around the world with Artists, Labels and Publishers. Our hands-on approach ensures that each stage of music placement is thoroughly and expertly handled.

“Amy went far above and beyond our music licensing needs. She used her great knowledge and experience to ensure the time & place authenticity of our soundtrack.”

Music Supervision Services

Working with the best in the business, RADAR provides your project with a wide variety of Music Supervision services:

  • Creative consultation, matching music to budget
  • Song sourcing and production
  • Commissioning of original/exclusive songs
  • Negotiation of synchronization and master use license fees
  • Music editorial
  • Creation of soundtrack albums
  • Complete contract services
  • Supervision of music placement from the script stage to the final mix.

We can tailor our services to suit the Production’s needs. From creative development through to post production, we will work with you to find the best creative and business solutions relating to the music for your project.

Amy Fritz, Music Supervisor

Amy has worked in the Entertainment Industry since 1990 and as a Music Supervisor since 1997.
Prior to forming RADAR Music Group in 2006, Amy was an Executive at Canada’s leading music management agency.
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With our many years of experience, our passion for and knowledge of music, as well as our many industry associates we have been the number one choice for music supervision for numerous Film and TV projects in Toronto as well as across Canada and the United States.

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